With assembly lines all across the globe halted for about a month now, car companies are eager to resume operations. What Ford is experimenting with, could just be the solution for the short term.

The Blue Oval has offered a small group of employees a watch-like device that vibrates when they come within six feet of each other. These devices will also allow supervisors to monitor social distancing among the employees with alerts and reports of clustering in the workplace.

These “watches” are made by Samsung and utilises Bluetooth short-wave to detect promixity among workers. The device will Ford employees the number of interactions they’ve had daily, throughout the week and if they have increased their interactions by the hour!

The respirators built by Ford which utilised seat blowers from the F-150 pick-up.

As factory operations creep its way to status quo, Ford also said thermal-imaging scans will be conducted to detect workers with unusually high body temperatures.

Ford in recent weeks has been at the forefront of this Covid-19 battle as it continues to bog down the USA. The company has pledged to produce over 50,000 ventilators in the 100 days, in collaboration with GE Healthcare and has adapted a few components used for automotive production to build healthcare equipment and apparels.

They recently announced that medical gowns are being produced out of airbag material and a few weeks ago, they were utilising seat blowers from the F-150 to build respirators for frontliners.

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