Volvo Valet allows owners to service their vehicles without leaving home

In such desperate times, when most of us are locked down at home, overwhelmed with the paranoia of contracting Covid-19 from social interactions or merely being outside, Volvo USA has introduced a solution to provide another reason for its customers to stay home.

With the Volvo Valet, owners in the USA can now have their vehicles serviced without ever leaving their homes or offices. They can either utilise the service through an app compatible with iOS and Android or by making good ol’ fashioned phone calls to schedule a service appointment.

Thereafter, an employee from the dealership will then pick up the car and drop off a loaner vehicle for use while maintenance is being performed. Through the app, the owner can see where the car is and when it will arrive at the dealership, much like watching where your Grab ride is on the app.

Once the car has been dropped off at the dealership, the owner will receive a notification that their car has arrived. Once service is completed, the owner will be notified the moment their car is ready to be picked up. The dealership will then contact the owner to arrange a time to return their Volvo and pick up the loaner vehicle.

“Volvo Valet has been very successful in pilot testing over the last year and it is now ready to serve our customers and retailers in this unprecedented time,” said Volvo Car USA, Senior Vice President Americas, President and CEO, Anders Gustafsson.

The Volvo Valet service also extends to older models and while it’s currently applicable only to maintenance and service, it will be expanded to include lease and purchase deliveries, lease returns, and overnight test drives later in 2020.



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