Apart from leveraging on their resources and capabilities in aid of the efforts to stem the coronavirus pandemic, German carmakers are also reaching out to the public over social media urging everyone to stay home and practice social distancing, each with their own clever take. In these unprecedented times, every bit helps.


Together, we can #flattenthecurve

Stay healthy, keep your distance, but never forget we're all in this together. Here at Audi Malaysia and the team globally, we stand behind the efforts and initiatives to #flattenthecurve.Stay safe.

Posted by Audi Malaysia on Wednesday, 18 March 2020



We’ve made living engineering machines that can handle every curve thrown their way.But the curve ahead is like none we’ve ever seen before.Let’s redefine “keeping a safe distance” and all agree to stay home, stay safe and do what we can to flatten this curve together.Today we drive forward without driving at all.#StaySafe #StayHealthy #FlattenTheCurve

Posted by BMW on Sunday, 22 March 2020



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