It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz, just like most large car manufacturers, has been trying to fill in all of the gaps in its model line-up to appease buyers of different segments – Just look at the A-Class sedan and the CLA.

However, according to an interview by Autocar with Mercedes R&D chief Markus Schafer, the German luxury car manufacturer is now looking to reduce its model line-up as well as platform and powertrain options, citing complexity and profit reasons.

“We are reviewing our product portfolio, especially as we announced so many pure EVs. Knowing the complexity after the growth in the last couple of years means we are definitely reviewing our current lie-up. The idea is to streamline – taking car variants out, but also platforms, powertrains and components,’ said Schafer.

According to Schafer, numero uno on the axing list will be single-platform models, such as the G-Class, SL, AMG GT and S-Class. Schafer says, “There are many single platforms right now and the idea is to reduce this. In the future, we will have the same underpinnings with various cars and you will see the results pretty soon.”

The decision comes as the brand is looking to shift its focus towards electrified vehicles, along with tightening emission regulations. However, Schafer said that there are currently no plans to remove big traditional engines such as the V8 on the Mercedes-AMG cars.

“The plan is not to kick out the V8 and V12, for example, so long as there is customer demand,” said Schafer. However, the incoming Euro 7 legislation might force the carmaker to rethink its strategy. “Probably, yes, [powertrain] variants will reduce. Of course, four-cylinder engines will make more sense than a V12. Let’s see what Euro7 requirements are and go from there.”

As for the newer two-litre four- and six-cylinder engines, Schafer says that they will not have any issues with the new emissions regulations. “This family of four engines can respond to any market change immediately. We planned this protection a couple of years ago in order to protect us in terms of different demands and regulations.”

Oddly enough, the new statement contradicts slightly with a previous report where Meredes-Benz is planning for a 32-model onslaught by 2022, including the updated S-Class. What do you think, dear readers?

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