The weekend is here, so it’s time to ogle at one of the most recognisable posteriors in automotive history. The Porsche 911 needs no introduction; and the accounts here all have their own interpretation of the iconic car. Time to hit that “Follow” button.

On a separate note, the 911 was originally unveiled in 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show as the 901. However, Peugeot argued that it had exclusive rights to cars with “0” in the middle of their names (for eg. 408, 508) and so, the 911 came into existence.

Singer Vehicle Design @singervehicledesign

The company was founded in 2009, and their tagline is ‘The Porsche 911 Restored. Reimagined. Reborn.’ Customers supply a 911 (964 generation and older), and SVD will handle the restoration and modifications – tailoring it to their customer’s needs and even personality.

Singer Vehicle Design is arguably the most well-known company handling 911 restomods, with good reason, and their Instagram page is full of pictures of completed builds and the work that went into it.

Gunther Werks @guntherwerks

Another restomod specialist, but with a totally different interpretation. Gunther Werks is obsessed with building the ultimate Porsche 993 911. They are based in California, and their Instagram page is a feast of delicious carbon fibre.

Magnus Walker @magnuswalker

Yet another recognisable name (and possibly beard). Walker started collecting and customising 911s as a hobby in the early 90s, and become a familiar name when a short film about him and his collection took the Internet by storm. His take on 911s are interesting because he approaches it from the perspective of a fashion designer.

000 Magazine @000magazine

This is a handle for an actual magazine that you can buy or subscribe to, and it’s a celebration of all things Porsche. 911s are featured prominently on the page, but you’ll more often than not see supercars like the 918 Spyder or race cars like the Porsche 962.

type 7 @type7

Another Insta account for a physical magazine, but with a different take. Type 7 celebrates good design so the page is a beautifully eclectic mix of architecture, landscapes, fashion, and of course, Porsche 911s. Pictured above is another classic, the Porsche 924.