Because of ultimate driving machines are meant for driving pleasure and not for crawling through traffic just for it to be checked and serviced.

The largest authorised dealer of BMW vehicles in Malaysia has launched a Auto Bavaria i-Service mobile app – the first service of its kind apparently – bringing its service to your doorstep.

Among the services offered by the app are as follows:

  • Book service appointments
  • Review their service history
  • Make payments
  • “Track & Chat” feature to track the location of the i-Service vehicle and chat with technicians for updates on the service progress
Three of these i-Service vehicles will be rolled out to cater to Klang Valley customers, with plans for more to come.

Through the app, users can receive cost estimates, including itemised costs for parts and labour beforehand, to promote price transparency.

Three i-Service vehicles will be rolled out initially, to cater to the prime areas in Klang Valley although Auto Bavaria says there are plans to increase this figure.

Customers can direct these i-Service vehicles, equipped with the latest tools and equipment, to within 40 kilometres from an Auto Bavaria dealership to perform services such as:

  • oil change
  • brake pad change
  • tyre change
  • tyre balancing
  • battery change

The Auto Bavaria i-Service operates six days a week except public holidays, between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturday.


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