Customer wins brand new Proton Saga by just servicing his car!

For most of us, servicing our cars is just a routine activity to keep our cars running smoothly. But for Azrul Firdaus Bin Ramli, a 30-year old quality assurance engineer, his scheduled maintenance this time was a little different.

By bringing his Proton Iriz to the Proton Centre of Excellence in Subang Jaya for his scheduled maintenance and taking a picture, Azrul Firdaus also snapped-up a brand new Proton Saga Premium AT, when he was named the winner of the Proton Service and Win contest.

The contest, co-branded with Petronas, was held from 15 August to 15 November last year. Proton Service and Win contest was designed to reward loyal customers for regularly servicing their cars at authorised Proton service centres.

During the contest period, over 125,000 Proton owners sent their vehicles for servicing. Eligible participants were required to upload a picture of their car on Facebook, along with a creative caption. Proton management then selected a winner based on the creativity of their posting.

The winning entry by Azrul Firdaus bin Ramli.

Over the past two years, Proton has been actively recruiting new partners in an effort to increase the number of 3S/4S outlets in its network. Proton has 121 of such outlets as of today, and is looking to expand that number to 150 by the end of the year.

Proton Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Li Chunrong said, “During a five-year ownership cycle, there will be many occasions when a customer returns to service their car and this is an opportunity for Proton to showcase a premium brand experience.

“This is the strategy driving us towards investing in a comprehensive network of 3S/4S outlets and also helps to ensure our cars are maintained by trained technicians, which will help long-term residual values,” he added.

Aside from expanding its network of authorised service centres, the national carmaker says that it is also investing in training programmes for its technicians and aftersales staff. According to Proton, the company benchmarks itself against other premium brands to elevate its level of service delivered at all outlets.


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