Well, when we say latest, we really meant “two weeks old”. Nonetheless, 14 million viewers probably enjoyed it!

We’re finally back to work today after a week-long “CNY hiatus” and unsurprisingly, there’s loads to catch up on. In the time that we’ve been away, Geely has lended a handed to battle the corona virus, Lotus has attempted to attract older customers and Porsche has come up with this.

It’s a Super Bowl commercial filmed in Porsche’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany and its surrounding areas where a Taycan is jacked from the company’s museum.

A pursuit made up night guards in Porsches of their liking ensues, revealing a bevy of beauties from the current and classic collection. Even the Carrera GT, a Porsche tractor and Le Mans legend Porsche 917 was roped into the action.

Cheekily, Porsche even teased us with a glimpse of the new 992 generation 911 GT3 in Blue parked in layers of 911 history, as the guards hurried into their “chase cars”.

A 150 strong production was tasked to film this short film and according to Porsche, aerial footages were shot by two drones, including a racing drone capable of hitting 160 km/h!