For the longest time, Porsche as we knew it, was all about their 911s – until of course the Cayenne came along. How did the world turn out so wrong?

Never mind that. While the 911’s drove better and better, after over 50 years of German meticulousness, the exterior seems like a float that’s slowly losing its bulge – deflating and flattening with time.

If you’ve been observing 911s, even from the past 30 years alone, you would’ve noticed the differences.

At this point fire alarms could go off in Porsche’s design department if someone just decided to draw a different silhouette. It could be that serious, who knows.

They might even just be robots, clambering away dressed in nothing but white lab coats.

But it seems like they’re not, and this video proves it.

It showed perseverance to conserve, strong connections, and bursts of amusement – all the same things you’d probably say about a 911 – just to show that they are human.

The star in the video (aside from the countryman with a prominent beard) was the Porsche 111 tractor.

Models from the early 1950s made around 12 hp, from a 822cc 1-cylinder air cooled engine.

There were also 2, 3, 4-cylinder variants with the latter making over 50 hp to power the rear wheels – all with interchangeable engine components.

While they may not be as highly sort after as the 911s of old, these tractors are still collectibles with a decent example asking for over USD15,000 (approx. RM61k).

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