Japan’s answer to the revered Mercedes-Benz S-Class just got a whole lot more gangster….wait, I mean yakuza.

Rolls-Royces and Bentleys aside, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class may be known the world over as the car to have in your fleet for the ultimate commuting experience (from the back seat) but in Japan, it’s not an easy walkover for the Germans.

And it’s because of the Century. At over RM700k a piece (before taxes and duties) for the latest V8 hybrid model, this isn’t merely a glorified Camry. It is Japan’s interpretation of luxury where even the historical phoenix emblem on the car takes six weeks to engrave.

Maybe it’s too posh. Maybe its ride is so comfortable and refine, you don’t feel a jolt running over a cow, but TOM’s Racing in Japan had other ideas.

They’ve come up with a kit, which includes a completely redesigned front bumper, side step, rear under spoiler and trunk spoiler to make the Century look more suited for those with ill-gained wealth.

There are also DRLs on the front bumper and four exhaust tips, aimed at enhancing presence and in TOM’s very own words “to remind the driver behind of this car”.

It’s not just exhaust tips TOM’s has added but instead a full exhaust system to improve throttle response and better amplify the rumble of the V8 engine which on its own generates over 500 Nm!

Looking like this, do you honestly think the S-Class would dwarf the Toyota Century? Not a chance.