This Mazda CX-5 “Tough-Sport Style” is ready for an apocalypse

The CX-5 as plentiful as they are on Malaysian roads – especially the 2.0 GLS variant – is one to do it all but it seems Mazda thinks it can do even more.

At the Tokyo Auto Salon, Mazda showed what the CX-5 would look like should owners feel the need to prepare it for doomsday.

The front and rear receives an under garnish with silver accents, a silver roof rail, all weather mats and a “hard-type” luggage tray.

Sticking out on the roof like a sore thumb is a Thule roof rack and tray, while the body is finished with black side mirror caps while the wheels are the same 17-inch units you find in the local 2.0 GLS variant.

The “Tough-Sport Style” also comes with black brake calipers and off-road tyres from Toyo.


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