Foreign vehicles refueling with RON95 should be reported

The law states that foreign vehicles, even driven by Malaysians, are not allowed to purchase the subsidised RON95 fuel; only RON97.

As such, Johor’s Unity, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Committee has urged motorists to snap a photograph of these offenders and send it to the complaints hotline of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs department, according to a report by The Star.

This follows after a foreign-registered was seen refueling with RON95 in Johor, in a viral video.

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It’s said that these offenders could be avoiding detection by swiping their credit cards for fuel, instead of paying at the cashier. Petrol station owners can also be made liable for allowing this happen.

Such incidences were reported to be rare, as the department only received one complaint last year. Although we think it’s also possible that most motorists in Johor just did not bother reporting these offenders.

So report them! Isn’t it a norm for us to just whip out our phones to snap or film anything that’s unusual? Except with this, you’d be doing the country a favour as well.

Instead of posting it on Facebook or as an Insta story, such pictures can be sent [email protected] or to 019-279 4317 via WhatsApp. That, or call 03-8000 8000!


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