Video: Road tripping and off-roading in the Subaru Forester

It’s been around since August last year and there’s probably nothing we can tell you about the new Subaru Forester anymore (from six different videos) that you don’t already know. There’s also nothing you can comment about the new Forester than we won’t already expect to see, especially on how it looks.

It’s a shame really; it’s a shame that we live in a society of car buyers where looks (nearly) determine everything, regardless if the car is mediocre to drive. It’s also a shame that great car (to drive) can be easily overlooked due to its less than appealing exterior.

And that’s the predicament of the new Forester. Underneath the skin, it’s superiority in terms of traction and stability is unquestionable – it’s even ahead of its rivals without reply on that front.

The way the new Subarus drive, whether it’s the XV or the Forester, is simply unrivaled due to the new Subaru Global Platform they’re built on.

But we do share your sentiment on how it looks. Not only does it not possess the flamboyance of the Honda CR-V or the soulfulness of the Mazda CX-5, it does not even appear too differently from the model it replaces.

That being said, there are consolations. It’s Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels are at an all time low, it’s got more space than you’ll ever need and a quality cabin. Don’t take it from us though, test drives are free and with the new Forester (or XV) driving is believing.


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