Shell Helix HX8: Premium engine protection you can afford

There are times when compromises have to be made when faced with budget constraints, and this may include having to resort to cheaper engine oil alternatives procured from non-authorised channels. While it may be easier on your wallet, the authenticity of the product can never be guaranteed, and may even prove to the harmful to your car’s engine.

Which is why Shell has just introduced a new range of fully synthetic engine oils that’s not only wallet-friendly but offers premium protection at previously unattainable prices. With the new Shell Helix HX8, you don’t have to compromise on price or quality because a premium fully synthetic engine oil from a trusted brand has never been so affordable.

Unlike most affordably priced lubricants which may come with compromises in performance and durability, the Shell Helix HX8 is formulated specially to protect engines in punishing stop-start driving conditions, just like the traffic grind you and your car endure daily on the way to the office.

When temperatures soar in engines stop-start city driving, ‘flexi-molecules’ present in the Shell Helix HX are activated to form a protective layer on components most susceptible to wear; resulting in up to a 40% increase in protection1, 58% superior oxidisation and deposit control2, and 78% improvement in corrosion resistance3 , along with longer oil drain intervals with lower maintenance costs.

Shell is sensitive towards the market’s evolving needs as more manufacturers shift towards low viscosity oils for their passenger cars. The new Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 is specially formulated to meet manufacturers’ latest requirements and offers a premium, fully synthetic engine oil performance at an affordable price, with no compromise in engine protection.

What this translates into is an engine oil that can withstand stresses beyond the performance threshold of similarly priced semi-synthetic options. With prices starting from just RM 165 for a 4-litre pack of the HX8 5W-40 in Peninsula Malaysia (RM 166 for Sabah & Sarawak) and RM 199 for the HX8 0W-20 in Peninsula Malaysia (RM 200 for Sabah & Sarawak), fully synthetic premium protection for your car’s engine is within reach, finally.

To further verify the authenticity of the new Shell Helix HX8, each pack comes with a “Made for Malaysia / Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” label which contains a unique QR and product code as proof of authenticity, and for a further peace of mind.

Not only that, every purchase of Shell Helix HX8, customers also qualify for the Shell Advantage and Rewards (SHARE). In conjunction with the launch, Shell Malaysia is offering RM25 off for any of the three Shell Helix HX8 variants upon the customer registering for SHARE online. The promotion is valid from 1st October till 30th November 2019.

So, register as a SHARE member and enjoy the promotion! To find out how it works, visit:

1Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with ACEA A3/B4 specifications based on engine wear test
2Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with API SN specifications based on engine oil oxidation and deposit control test

3Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with API SN specifications based on engine corrosion test

(For more technical information on the Shell Helix HX8, click here)

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