Yes, you can drive over 700 km without refueling in a Proton

After 710 km of driving through challenging and mixed-conditions, 18 teams have successfully completed the Proton 1 Tank Adventure! 

Flagging off in Kota Bharu, the convoy of 18 finalists along with special guests and celebrities made their way through the beautiful coastal roads along the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia to the finish line at Puteri Harbour, Johor Bharu. 

In an effort to ensure the safety of the participants, Proton introduced a rule change for this year’s edition of the 1 Tank Adventure, with strictly-enforced time limits between each checkpoint to minimise speed difference between the competitors and road users. As a result, all teams recorded an average speed of over 70 km/h.

The challenge was broken-up into three classifications based on their vehicles – Iriz, Persona and Saga, and split between media and owner categories. The best results recorded within each classification were 4.82 L/100km, 5.03 L/100km, and 4.65 L/100km respectively.

Both the Iriz and Saga would have easily travelled over 800km (based on its 40-litre fuel tank) while the Persona would have just missed that benchmark. Out of the six Proton Sagas, four recorded a fuel consumption figure of under 5L/100km.

For the final, all cars were fueled exclusively with Petronas Primax 95 with Pro-Drive, which has proven to deliver a smoother, more responsive and efficient drive.

The Iriz, Persona and Saga featured in the 2019 Proton 1 Tank Adventure have all been updated in the last year. While the Iriz and Persona received mostly refinements and visual updates, the 2019 Proton Saga was fitted with a new 4-speed automatic gearbox, replacing the CVT gearbox. 

Proton, Chief Executive Officer, Dr Li Chunrong said, “The Proton 1 Tank Adventure covered more than 2,305 km to measure the fuel efficiency of our cars. Multiply that by the number of competing teams over all four events and over 40,000 km would have been logged.

“This is a ringing endorsement for the fuel efficiency of Proton cars as the figures were obtained by owners and members of media on public roads instead of the confines of a laboratory test,” he added.



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