Counterfeit or illegal lubricants have made significant gains in market share locally due to their lower prices. In 2018, Shell conducted laboratory tests on a random sample of Shell lubricants bought through online channels and local hypermarkets. The lab found that 4 out of 12 bottles tested were counterfeits – that is more than 30%!

Using these counterfeit lubricants can greatly damage a vehicle’s mechanical package due to the unknown source and quality of content.

Therefore, in an continuous effort to protect consumers as well as the integrity of their brand, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. has engaged with enforcement agencies to prevent these lubricants from being passed on as genuine products to unsuspecting consumers and workshops.

Recently, Shell conducted a special training workshop with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) and Royal Malaysian Customs.

The workshop saw an attendance of near 100 enforcement officers, where they were taught on how to identify counterfeit lubricants when conducting raids. 

Previously, Shell held a consumer education campaign on how to recognise counterfeit Shell lubricants, and the introduction of “Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” branding and QR code genuine checks.

If you think you have inadvertently purchased counterfeit Shell lubricants, you should contact Shell customer service immediately at 1300 88 1808 or through email.