The children of today must be a hard bunch to please – I wouldn’t know. Back then, for me at least, it was a “take it or leave it deal” and further demands or even a slight display of tantrum would land me into a night of playing catch with the cane.

Guess that wasn’t the kind of upbringing 22-year old Akash from Haryana, India had. It was reported that Akash, who demanded for a Jaguar as his birthday gift, was dissatisfied with the F30 BMW 3-series his parents bought him; deeming it to be too small.

His parents had reportedly sold their family’s Toyota Innova to buy him the BMW.

Although the media has reported various reasons by Akash’s parents to their son’s defense, including mental issues and that he didn’t push the car into the river but instead swerved to avoid an animal, some quarters have claimed that the brat of the year had recorded a video of him pushing the BMW into the river and sent it to his parents in retaliation.

I wonder what my dad would’ve done to me if my BMW birthday present ended up in a river, regardless if it was an accident or not; I might’ve required foreign citizenship.

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Pan Eu Jin
Regularly spend countless hours online looking at cars and parts I can't afford to buy. How a car makes you feel behind the wheel should be more important than the brand it represents - unless resale value is your thing.