You’ve seen all the studio shots, even watched the video, but nothing is more revealing than the actual images of a car captured under natural conditions. Well, the 2,000 hp Lotus Evija made its first public appearance at the Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach over the weekend, do these images alter your initial impression?

The Evija hosted a string of celebrities and rich people who love cars, including former late-night talk show king-cum-car collector Jay Leno, who will probably add the Lotus hypercar to his collection when the Evija enters production next year, of which Lotus will only make 130 units of the fully-electric hypercar.

With a target output of 2,000 hp and 1,700 Nm, the Evija is the world’s most powerful series production road car. It has been designed and engineered in the UK, and will be handmade at Hethel, the home of Lotus since 1966. Geely acquired a majority stake in Lotus in 2017 and has since embarked on a US$1.9 billion revival plan to put Lotus right again.

The Most Powerful Car In the World!

Lotus is back!! ?This is the new electric Lotus Evija. It's the most powerful production car in the world with 2000HP. I'm the first person outside Lotus Cars to be able to drive it…! What an honour… thoughts??p.s if you want more info on the car please subscibe to my YouTube channel because the video will be out tomorrow xo

Posted by Supercar Blondie on Saturday, 17 August 2019
Exclusive walk-round by Supercar Blondie.

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