New Renault Megane R.S. prices confirmed for both MT and DCT variants

The official distributor of Renault cars in Malaysia has just confirmed the prices for the Megane R.S. hot hatch, and they remained unchanged from the estimated prices revealed during its preview in back April.

Just to recap, the six-speed manual R.S. 280 Cup is now officially retailed at RM279,888 while the six-speed dual-clutch EDC variant is going for RM299,888. If you’re purchasing one in the tax-free haven of Langkawi island, the prices are RM149,888 (MT) and RM159,888 (DCT) respectively. Sigh!

Otherwise, the specs remained unchanged; Cup configuration means the 280 hp, 390 Nm 1.8-litre turbocharged Megane R.S. already comes with a Torsen limited slip differential. Coupled with 4Control four-wheel steering – the only car in the hot hatch class to offer this – you can expect road handling prowess of the highest order.

Launch control is standard in the EDC variant, as is the Multi-Change Down feature which allows the transmission to drop multiple gears when holding the left steering shift paddle, the car then selects the optimal gear to be in for the exit out of the corner. That’s clever.

What’s your poison? Dual-clutch auto (left) or manual (right)?

For Malaysia, the Megane R.S. comes in four different colours, only the Diamond Black is a no-cost option, the Pearl White adds RM 1,000 to the retail price while the Liquid Yellow and Orang Tonic costs RM 8,000 more.



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