There’s now a “more affordable” way to own a Porsche Cayenne and Panamera

At the unveiling of the new Porsche Macan S at the Porsche Sportscar Together Day, Sime Darby Auto Performance, distributors of Porsche vehicles in Malaysia also announced that there’s now a “more affordable” way to own a Panamera and Cayenne; if there’s even such a thing.

The new 360 Leasing Programme, which will eventually extend to the Macan, is an alternative method to vehicle ownership and allows owners to walk away with a new Porsche every three years with only a 10% or 25% refundable security deposit (for both individual and company lease) based on the selected vehicle value.

Customers are only required to pay the monthly lease rental during the three year tenure which provides customers the financial flexibility to better utilise their funds elsewhere rather than tying it up to a car – as if Porsche’s clientele would require such assistance.

At the end of the lease term, customers will have the option to either upgrade from their current lease vehicle to a completely different model or to the latest model in the same range.

Those who somehow built up an attachment with their lease vehicles can opt to extend their lease or even take full ownership of the said vehicle. Otherwise, customers can simply opt to return the lease vehicle without a care in the world about the lease vehicle’s resale value.

Vehicles under the 360 Leasing programme are accompanied with warranty and maintenance package which includes service, parts and labour. Also included is a full comprehensive insurance package for all drivers, along with 24-hour roadside assistance, windscreen and natural disaster coverage.


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