GoCar Subscription is another way to ‘own’ a car, but is it for you?

It’s probably not for everyone, at least not yet. But for those who do not subscribe (pun intended) to the traditional notion of ownership and do not want to be financially tied down to a car, GoCar subscription may be the way to go. Just imagine this as the Spotify or Netflix service for cars.

As far as we know, GoCar Subscription is the first of its kind in Malaysia and it’s an extension to the car-sharing services offered by the company since 2015. For a start, two models are offered – the Nissan Almera and Renault Captur, with monthly subscription fees starting from RM 1,600 for the Nissan and RM 2,500 for the Renault. If you sign up from now till 9th October 2019 (for a 3-month subscription), the first month’s fee is 50% off.

50% off for the first month if you sign up before 9th October.

Conditions? You need to be signed up as a GoCar member, of course. A refundable deposit of RM 2,500 will be charged to the account once the subscription begins; two additional drivers can be nominated at sign up stage and they must be GoCar members too. There will be no refunds if the car is returned before the three-month period and the payment is done monthly via bank transfer (find out more here).

It’s pretty straightforward, but do you think this arrangement works for you?


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