Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has introduced the MobilityPlus, a car replacement program for those who have opted to finance or lease their Mercedes-Benz vehicles through Mercedes-Benz Financial.

The MobilityPlus features is the first of its kind in the auto financing industry, where it allows Mercedes-Benz owners to enjoy a replacement car when their vehicles are sent for routine servicing (including warranty claims) that require more than 48 hours.

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Through MobilityPlus, customers will be provided with a Mercedes-Benz vehicle as a temporary replacement while their vehicle is in the service centre. For added convenience, customers will also be able to select their preferred pick-up and drop off points.

The replacement vehicle will be made available to eligible customers within 24-hours of notification by the Authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre on behalf of the customer.

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The replacement car will come with a 20-day per year entitlement period at no extra cost to the customer. The programme’s extensive nationwide coverage also includes Langkawi and Labuan.

With the introduction of MobilityPlus, Hire Purchase Classic Financing will be rebranded to FinanceCare. The MobilityPlus also includes the Agility Financing (for new cars) and Young Star Agility Financing (Mercedes-Benz Certified Cars).

The MobilityPlus coverage is available for the first two year period for FinanceCare and Agility Solutions and up to four years for leasing solutions depending on the lease tenure.

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