F1 drivers should always let their driving do the talking, but for Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo Racing, it led to him losing part of his locks. We are no style gurus ourselves, but team boss Frederic Vasseur (who doesn’t have much hair, admittedly) probably wasn’t a fan of the frazzled, unshaven look.

Giovinazzi sacrificed his mane for one point at Austria.

Turned out that the two Alfa Romeo men had a bet going; if Giovinazzi managed to finish in the points (he failed to score any in the first eight races), he would get a haircut. So when Giovinazzi crossed the line in 10th place in Austria (earning his first point of the season), it must have been a bitter sweet moment for the young Italian driver.

True enough when he got back to the Alfa Romeo hospitality suite, Vasseur was waiting with a pair of scissors and after a futile foot race, Giovinazzi’s luscious mane was no longer symmetrical. Poor boy didn’t look too thrilled, understandably, but less hair could mean better helmet cooling in the next race (Silverstone) as Europe comes under a severe heat wave.

Don’t worry Antonio, your boss is just jealous.

If only Toto Wolff would have a similar bet with Lewis Hamilton, braids really have no place in Formula 1, but then again Hamilton is leading the championship by a country mile, so maybe they work a treat.

Dear Toto, please make a bet with Lewis, the braids have to go, and Bottas’ beard isn’t working anymore.