Video: 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5 G Review

Ever since the new Toyota Yaris was previewed to the public in April, we’ve shared countless articles about its facts and figures; and without a shadow of a doubt, the latest rival to the Honda Jazz certainly shows more promise than its predecessor.

It’s about time really; for a segment that makes up the majority of Malaysian car buyers, there are surprisingly limited options for something small, practical and reliable.

You may not have favourable opinions on how the new Yaris looks, with majority pointing out the overly complicated, “extremely busy” front end design but deep down, we all know this thing will keep going for years, as history has dictated with the brand’s Vios line-up.

Prices for the new Toyota Yaris starts from RM83,888 for the high spec G variant, RM76,888 for the E variant and RM70,888 for the base model J variant.


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