At the recent launch of the new S560e, Mercedes Benz Malaysia also took to stage the new Mercedes-Benz EQC as the first fully-electric production vehicle by the three-pointed star made its first appearance in South East Asia.

Expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2020, the EQC offers perhaps the first glimpse into the world of electric mobility and from first impressions at least, we might not miss fossil fuel-powered vehicles as much as we think we would.

The front-wheel biased SUV based loosely on the GLC, is powered by two electric motors; one to move the front wheels and the other the rear. The pair dishes out a total of 402 hp and 756 Nm.

Despite the vast output of silent performance, 0 to 100 km/h takes an uninspiring 5.1 seconds – mainly due to the electric SUVs 2,495kg weight – with top speed limited to just 180 km/h.

The EQC’s driving range however does seem promising; rated at over 400 km/h although it remains to be seen how the electric SUV would fare in real world conditions under the “extreme abuse” by the right foot of Malaysia’s elite.

And you’d have to be one to even think of seeing one parked in your porch cause this heap of metal is expected to cost upwards of RM600k!

Despite being Mercedes-Benz’s first fully-electric production vehicle, it still does the same things and offer a few features familiar to Mercedes-Benz such as the MBUX voice command system, pre-entry climate control, dual touch screen displays and the exquisite Burmester sound system.


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Pan Eu Jin
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