This”Icon03″ is a tribute to BMW M cars

British design firm Mulgari has revealed the Icon03, based on the BMW M240i, built with a focus on chassis and drivetrain enhancements along with weight-saving measures.

Various elements of the Icon03’s design were inspired by the iconic M cars of the past and present. The dimpled carbon roof takes after the E46 M3 CSL while the extended wings pay tribute to the E30 M3.

The B58 3.0-litre turbocharged engine in the Icon03 has been tweaked to make just under 500 hp with 589 Nm but performance wasn’t the focus.

Believing that performance is nothing without sound, they’ve fitted in an Akrapovic exhaust system. With chassis and suspension being the main focus, they’ve been able to create a balanced car that’s both usable and engaging.

Inside, the Icon03 is fitted with Recaro seats, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, carbon shift paddles and a series of gauges in the centre console.

Only 25 units of the Icon03 will be built with Mulgari expecting the car to be half a minute quicker than the BMW M2 around the Nurburgring.



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