It seems that flying cars and not silly-looking drones, will have a place in the wealthier circles of our society as Sinar Harian reported that high-flying Kelantanese are opting for helicopters to return to their hometown this Hari Raya.

According to reports, 20 helicopters have been made available for the upcoming festivity, with each costing over RM17,000 an hour to charter.

Geely recently acquired the company that built this, the Terrafugia TF-X fully electric flying car, in hopes of commercialising flying cars.

Provided by Hazmi Dimasyq Group, its owner claims it to be the first time that such a service is provided in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations.

So far, 11 bookings have been made – four of which are flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu – costing more than RM30,000 one way! Best part is, the helicopter rides to Kota Bharu from Kuala Lumpur will take just three hours.

Not the quickest around, with flights to Bangkok taking just over two hours but it’s definitely a fraction of what most would spend on the road with stories of up to 18 hours needed just to reach the East Coast state.

What a fantastic Hari Raya these fellas would have!

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Pan Eu Jin
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