What’s the Buzz: Flying in the face of logic

It is mean spirited to dismiss ideas that come with worthy intentions, but this isn’t an example of that.

I don’t pretend to know enough about flying cars to judge its commercial feasibility. I can however suspend disbelief and indulge in the thought that this prototype (yes, another prototype) which the Minister of Entrepreneur Development, Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof is going to spend RM 1 million on (hey, are tax payers footing this bill?) will somehow take flight.

Soon, every trip to the mall will be an adventure for Malaysians.

Yet we have no idea when, who, how, what… but we should trust the minister, nevertheless.

If the flying car project was pulled out of a hat to make the proposal of a third national car company seem more feasible and plausible, then the minister has succeeded. Mightily.

The Terrafugia TF-X, a fully-electric flying car concept with a 800 km range and cruising speed of 320 km/h.

But much like the national car prototype which Mohd Redzuan alluded to last year (which has since dropped off the radar), it is not so much the subject matter but the manner which the minister goes about divulging info to the press.

After receiving a round of ridicule from the public for mooting a flying car, he defended himself by saying that according to global indexes (err…which one?), there are many young Malays who are users of high-tech aerospace technologies, and that they have been successful in aircraft interior designs in Japan (well, good on them) and will somehow contribute in putting this prototype together. Wow, don’t trust us, read this Sinar Harian report.

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign’s flying taxi combines an autonomous car with a passenger drone. It’s a 1:4 scale model revealed late last year.

Dear minister, if you want the public to buy into your flight of fantasy, please share more substantive information. Never mind that we have no clue as to why Malaysia suddenly has a need for cars that fly (what problem is it supposed to solve?) or if there are even regulations sanctioning such an endeavour.

Is it a scale model prototype you’re talking about, which entity are you working with to produce this prototype? Is your boss aware of this?

Frankly, I really can’t wait for its maiden flight and witness you in the flying car at its launch. I’m sure it’ll be fun to watch all the naysayers and sceptics eat their shoes too (or maybe not). You have a good weekend now, sir.


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