Toyota has been proactively promoting its suite of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) called Toyota Safety Sense which helps to reduce the severity and potentially avoid entirely an unwanted collision. While the systems can be found on newer and more premium variants of the brand’s model line up, Toyota Japan is rolling out ADAS to be retrofitted onto older models.

The first system to be introduced is the Pedal Misoperation Control which uses ultrasonic sensors at the front and rear of the car to scan for obstacles. Similar to the system found on the Perodua Myvi and Toyota Rush, the system will limit the engine power to prevent the car from leaping forwards when it detects an obstacle.

The sensors can detect an obstacle within 3 meters (front and rear) and should the driver process to accelerate hard, the system will cut the engine power and send a visual and audible warning to the driver through a retrofitted display. Additionally, the system will also limit the top speed in reverse gear to 5 km/h to reduce the likelihood of a rear collision.

This is particularly effective in reducing collisions at low speeds especially in parking lots when the driver engages the wrong gear i.e. D instead of R when reversing out of a space. Toyota also says pedal misoperation tend to be common for older drivers over the age of 75.

The Pedal Misoperation Control can be retrofitted onto selected models in Japan including the Prius, Aqua, Prius α, Premio, Arion, Porte, Supeido, Wish, Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, Passo and Vitz. Installation of the accessory costs JP¥55,080 (RM2,100).

Toyota plans to expand this offering to more (and older) models as well as develop other safety features that can be retrofitted onto its older vehicles.