Following the sale, Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors are establishing plans to distribute Hyundai’s flagship hydrogen fuel cell powered crossover in the Southeast Asia region.

The two units will be used by Sarawak Energy for its pilot hydrogen production plant and refueling station project in Kuching. The project will be used to gauge the viability of hydrogen and fuel cells to power Sarawak’s transportation sector in the future.

The refueling station will be the first of its kind dedicated for transportation in South East Asia.

The NEXO leads HMC’s plans in the development of zero-emission vehicles with an on-board electric motor that produces 163hp, drawing power from an under-bonnet fuel cell stack, which combines oxygen from the surrounding air with hydrogen from NEXO’s high-pressure storage tanks.

This creates electricity to power the motor and charge the battery while water vapour harmlessly exits through the exhaust. With full tanks of hydrogen on board, the NEXO is capable of travelling 414 miles (666km) before needing to refuel, which will only take a few minutes.

Apart from its environmental friendly powertrain, the NEXO also has an advanced air purification system which filters 99.9% of very fine dust (PM2.5), of which is displayed inside the car.

The NEXO’s construction is also in-tune with environmental friendliness with the use of bio fibres from sugar cane waste and vegetable plasticisers in the headliner and carpet areas; bio plastics from sugar cane and corn waste in the door, seat, pillar and console trims and bio paint extracted from rapeseed and soybean oils for the dashboard and centre console.


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