Hyundai Motor Group developed a system to monitor and improve cabin air quality

Hyundai Motor Group has developed an intelligent “Smart Air Purification system” that monitors cabin air quality to automatically filter the air inside the car.

The new automated monitoring system continuously checks the interior air quality until it achieves an “Excellent” status.

Supported by advanced filtering innovations, the system can remove fine particles before passengers even enter the car and purify the cabin’s air throughout a journey.

Conventional air purification systems only operate for a set period upon activation, switching off after a certain time regardless of the current cabin air quality.

With the Smart Air Purification, it’s a little different; it constantly monitors the cabin’s air quality and begins purifying the air when air quality drops to the “Fair” level.

Even if the exterior air quality is at ‘Poor’ level, the system can purify air within the cabin to ‘Excellent’ almost instantaneously.

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Passengers can also monitor the air quality in real time via the car’s audio-video navigation screen, through a 16-bar digital display of air quality. Air quality is categorised by four levels – Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor – in accordance with the Korea Environmental Corporation Standards.

The Group had also designed a laser-based sensor to ensure the system’s reliability and durability as typical sensors are prone to reliability issues as fine particles gradually build up on the measurement lens.

So far, testing has shown that the system can filter out up to 99% (from 94%) of fine particles. The new system is already under consideration for future Hyundai and Kia vehicles, as the company responds to growing health concerns, especially in urban areas.


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