DreamEdge’s new national car prototype left much to the imagination

A prototype of sorts, completely draped in a black cloth, hidden inside a box with only two peep holes on each end revealed little, but what was shown was enough to impress.

And they were the headlamps and tail lights on what is possibly an early iteration of the “new/third national car”.

It’s probably too early to dive into the details and specs of the light fixtures but objectively speaking, the headlamps freakishly resembled those from the hottest national SUV at the moment – only with a slimmer housing. It’s quite hard to unsee it after.

It gets more exciting at the back. What was the first car you thought of looking at those tail lights? An older Audi A5? With the graphics of a newer generation Audi? It’s probably too early to assume that DreamEdge’s design would be comparable to that of Audi’s but it looks highly promising.

While it may not be visible, we can also tell that the grille would be a rather large one. Hopefully it wouldn’t be disproportionate to the entire front end, like certain cars.

Size wise, word is that it would be a B-segment vehicle, but slightly larger. If the Honda’s best-selling City is anything to go buy in terms of rear leg room and boot space, we’ll be expecting it to top the Myvi’s long-running, table-topping feat as the best value for money car to be made locally.



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