The Proton X70 is shaping up to be the game changer for Proton

It is without a doubt that the Proton X70 is a monumental product for the national carmaker – the first model to come into fruition from the new Proton – Geely Auto partnership and the brand’s maiden entry to the booming SUV segment.

Since its official launch on 12 December 2018, Proton has collected more than 15,000 bookings and have delivered over 2,000 units to date. Besides the sheer number of orders, the X70 is attracting a new group of more affluent buyers who are buying into an upmarket and tech-laden SUV.

According to internal data, 57 per cent of the buyers chose the range-topping Premium 2WD variant which retails for RM123,800 (OTR without insurance). This is usually the case for new models where the top-spec receives the most hype at initial launch while the lower grade variants gradually gain traction further down the line.

Of the total bookings collected, approximately 67 per cent of them are in the 40 and above age group which goes to show that the new X70 is appealing to affluent and mature demographics, but Proton is confident that interest from younger crowd is on the rise.

As far as the term value for money goes, the Proton X70 is a bargain that is hard to dismiss – fully loaded high-value C-Segment at a B-Segment price point. Not only that, as we’ve learnt, the car is properly polished even when compared against segment-leading rivals in terms of refinement, ride quality and features. A true game-changer for Proton.


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