Amazing 33-day road trip powered by the Proton X70 and Musang King!

When the travel itinerary reads 13,000 km, 13 cities, 4 countries over a span of 33 days, you’ve got to admire the sense of adventure and endurance of the participants. For nine Proton X70 owners, along with their family members and friends, this is what lies ahead for them.

The 13,000 km-long road trip is organised by the Borneo Automobile Leisure Touring Team and the Kunming Scenery-Customer International Travel Co. China, supported by Proton and other sponsors that include a durian retailer. Talk about laying the groundwork for the eventual export of Proton cars and durians to our ASEAN neighbours.

We wouldn’t recommend a road trip after consuming Musang King though…

A total of 33 participants will travel in nine Proton X70 SUVs (mainly of the Executive AWD variant) from Proton’s Centre of Excellence in Shah Alam, they will then traverse Thailand and Cambodia before crossing into China and then to Hangzhou, China, which is the trip’s halfway point and home to Proton’s joint venture partner Geely Auto. The other half of the trip will of course be the return journey back to Proton’s HQ.

The X70 will be put to the test in this 13,000 km journey.

When at Hangzhou, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Geely Experience Centre and get to know the latest models of one of the world’s fastest growing auto manufacturer. While the trip isn’t to pit man and machine against the elements but more about taking in the culture and sights along the way, the sheer distance, logistics and the varying driving conditions will naturally put participants and their vehicles to the test. We wish them a safe journey in their month-long adventure!


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