Do you really know what you think you know about EVs?

Along with government policies and the presence of a charging infrastructure, consumer awareness is one of the key factors in the adoption of electric vehicles in the long term. According to Nissan, 37% of South East Asian customers are considering an EV for their next vehicle purchase, but may not necessarily comprehend the fundamentals surrounding the usage of electrics cars.

“Across the region, we consistently hear that people love the idea of EVs but many may not fully understand how EVs fit into their lifestyles or the usage basics,” says Yutaka Sanada, regional senior vice president for Nissan A&O. To meet that challenge, Nissan is sharing the knowledge accumulated as the world’s first mass producer of EVs on electrical mobility through voices of real people as they experience the technology first-hand.

The multipart video covers charging, range, driving and ownership – key topics that generate the most common questions – and features Tim Jarvis, Australian explorer and environmental scientist, and Naya Ehrlich-Adam, founder of sustainable food business Broccoli Revolution in Bangkok, as they take on questions related to electric cars.  Let’s start with charging.


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