The new McLaren Senna is back in stock, well, sort of

Sometimes you wonder if the world has gone mad. Make an announcement to produce 500 units of an insanely expensive but not especially good-looking supercar (£750,000) named after a bloke who used to drive for the factory F1 team, and it gets sold out in no time. You can’t buy a new one anymore. So, what do you do?

Like the real thing it is modelled after, the LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna is also hand-assembled but takes appreciably less time to complete one, all 219 pieces of it. The fastest road-legal Ultimate Series McLaren takes 300 hours to put together at Woking, and heaven knows how many billionaires are ahead in the queue. With the LEGO, you control your own waiting time and we reckon the supply won’t be as scarce.

Not only that, you also get your own ‘wind tunnel’ in the box so that you can check out if the front splitter, roof snorkel, diffuser and giant rear wing on the LEGO are generating micro-downforces. The LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna is finished in Victory Grey with contrasting orange highlights, and comes with interchangeable wheel rims, a removable windscreen and its own Mini-figure driver, attired in a McLaren race suit complete with Pirelli partnership logo.

How much? The LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna retails for RM79.90 on BrickMagic Asia – Malaysia’s official Lego certified E-commerce site. Hurry up then.


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