The new G20 BMW 3-Series looked even better in the flesh

It may have had mixed reviews in terms of how it looks but having seen the all-new BMW 3-Series in the flesh, at the 2019 Singapore Motor Show, I dare say that the G20 could win back some “stolen hearts” while keeping the die hard fans firmly in BMW’s grasps.

BMWs have never lost their sense of style – only that its rivals discovered a more appealing recipe. Over the years, they may have lost out (arguably) in terms of raising your eyebrows and making your crotch area feel tighter than usual at first sight, but BMW buyers and loyalist aren’t the type that would necessary appeal to that.

Instead, they prefer to have their senses aroused from behind the wheel.

Granted, this particular 330i may be dressed in M Sport trim but the core design of the car – such as the headlamps, tail lights, swoops, edges and all-round “brawniness” – is something to behold, especially in person.

And if you’re going take a swing at it, go the extra mile and cough out an additional fee (if so required) and go for the blue paint work for reasons better explained through the pictures.

Inside, it all looks very positive too, at first impression at least. While it may still retain the understated-ness of a BMW, it does project more flair in a very BMW sort of way. I suspect it’s down to the generous use of aluminium trims.

What was also quite noticeable was the lack of plastic trims that plagued the previous generation F30, which in the long run became sticky and peeled off. Gross.



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