Geely FY11 Coupe SUV will be Geely’s most driver-focused car to date

Geely has just teased its forthcoming model, codenamed the Geely FY11, will the Chinese automaker’s first attempt at a Coupe SUV.

The company has confirmed that the FY11 will ride on the Geely-Volvo developed CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform that is already used on the Volvo XC40 and all LYNK & CO models. Rest assured that Geely did not take an existing model and draw a sloping roofline.

The FY11 will be Geely’s most expressive vehicle to date, starting with the brand’s signature expanding cosmos grille is now wider and slimmer than ever flanked with new generation “digital arrow” LED daytime running light graphics inspired from ancient Chinese weapon to give the FY11 a strong predator appearance.

Its strong stance is further emphasised through the silhouette where the long tailing roofline tapers sharply into the rear quarters, reflecting the fastback designs of high-performance sports cars where it meets a pair of Chinese fan inspired taillights.

Geely also assures that the sleek looking FY11 will have sporting credentials to match. The company even goes as far as saying that it will be “the most driver focused car to date”. Having experienced the dynamics of the CMA platform on the XC40, there will be some truth to those claims.


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