Porsche AG has just issued a global recall for the second-generation Porsche Panamera manufactured between 21 March 2016 to 6 December 2018 over a potential electric power steering (EPS) failure. A total of 74,585 units of the Panamera distributed worldwide is affected in this recall.

The potential failure is identified to be a software error where the EPS may be unavailable resulting the steering to be unassisted for a limited time. During this time, the car is completely functional but requires more effort to steer due to the lack of power steering assistance.

To counter this, Porsche will install updated software for the EPS control unit completely free of charge for its customers. So far, no accidents or casualties have been reported due to the EPS failure. Porsche will contact affected customers to send their Panamera to a Porsche Centre to perform the fix. The software update will take approximately one hour to perform.