We’ve all experienced this on the road – a bright white speck with the intensity of a flashbang that blinds your vision for a good few seconds. That’s what happens when irresponsible motorist retrofit HID headlamps that do not meet the specifications and regulations of the vehicle’s type approval.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has said in parliament that any HID headlamps that are retrofitted as an accessory with brightness intensity that is over the permissible level can affect the vision of other road users, jeopardising their safety.


Under United Nation regulations 48 (UNR48), the brightness intensity of headlamps should not exceed 4,300K. However, there are aftermarket suppliers offering brightness intensities that are over 16,000K. If found guilty, the offender will be charged with an RM2,000 fine or a maximum jail term of not more than six months.

So, unless your aftermarket headlamps are approved by the relevant authorities – i.e. SIRIM certified or received JPJ type approval, you have been warned by the main man himself to get them to revert back to the legal units.

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