Win big when you answer the call of the Isuzu Dura-Miles Challenge 2018

Fuel efficiency may be a big concern for many when shopping for a new car. The more efficient a car is, the easier it is on the wallet and the environment, simple right? But figures only tell half the story. As for the other half, Isuzu Malaysia invites you to their Dura-Miles Challenge to experience it for yourself.

Isuzu Malaysia welcomes the public to experience the fuel efficiency prowess of the D-Max on a short 15-minute fuel efficiency challenge and stand a chance to win a holiday package worth RM3,000. As a big fan of fuel efficiency challenges and who wouldn’t like a lavish getaway, off I went to the nearest Isuzu showroom located in Puchong.

Appointments were made prior and registration was swift. The first stop was to the nearest petrol station to fuel the D-Max to the absolute brim and then it’s challenge time.

The short 8 km route aims to replicate everyday driving conditions, covering city traffic, short highway cruise and the occasional hill climb. It may not sound like the most exciting route, but the fuel efficiency challenge aims to reflect real-world conditions that you will encounter day-to-day.

Unfortunately for me, it was a wet Monday morning which means traffic was not very kind. But driving a pick-up means I have a commanding view and the D-Max’s 3.0-litre VGS turbo diesel engine with 177 hp and 380 Nm of torque from down low of the rev range helps the pick-up slip into traffic swiftly with little effort.

Being a fuel economy challenge, there are some fuel saving tricks that I applied throughout the drive:

  • Smooth acceleration to reduce fuel wastage from hard acceleration
  • Keeping a safe distance to the vehicle in front to minimise sudden acceleration and braking
  • Allow the car to cruise in its highest gear whenever possible to reduce engine speed

The Dura-Miles challenge also serves as a test drive exercise for you to get behind the wheel of a D-Max and experience the comfort, in-car features and driving dynamics of the popular pick-up truck. Circling back to the petrol station where I first started, the D-Max is then refuelled to the brim while the Isuzu personnel recorded the amount of diesel replenished and trip computer reading.

Participants with the lowest fuel consumption at the end of the contest period (31 October 2018) stand to win a holiday package worth RM3,000, with the first and second runner ups taking home RM1,000 and RM500 cash vouchers. However, every participant is also entitled to one lucky draw to win exclusive Isuzu merchandise at the end of each Dura-Miles test drive.

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a creative photo of you with the Isuzu Photo Wall and share it on your personal Facebook or Instagram account because 10 lucky winners with the most creative photo will win RM1,000 cash vouchers each. Remember to tag Isuzu Malaysia’s official Facebook and Instagram pages with the hashtag #ISUZUDURAMILES in your caption as well as set the post to public. Good luck!


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