Mercedes-Benz is not only on a roll locally, but on a global scale the three-pointed star seems set for another record breaking year as they’ve delivered more than 200,000 vehicles in September alone.

This contributed to a third quarter figure of over 526,255 and overall, they’ve delivered more than 1.7 million vehicles this year.

Popularity of the Mercedes-Benz seems unwavered.

Of the 1.7 million vehicles, Europe has been the biggest guzzler of Mercedes-Benz’ with 688,956 units delivered, with the motherland (Germany) gobbling over 200,000 units in the last nine months of 2018. The three-pointed star also sold more cars than ever before in Spain, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Hungary from January to September 2018.

Asians in particular have taken a huge fancy for the brand as sales reached a new record in the Asia-Pacific region with over 700,000 units delivered from January to September 2018.

Up in mainland China, a new record was set for September (54,632 units), adding to the total of more than half a million sold in the first nine months of 2018 – more than ever before with a 13% increase from the previous year. Thailand and Malaysia also achieved sales records in the first nine months.

Have you seen GC Mah’s video on the Mercedes-Maybach S560 that was launched in Malaysia recently?

Of the 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, Mercedes-Benz SUVs have recorded over 600,000 units with the GLC once again proving to be the most favourite model of all with a 24% increase from the year before.

Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz’ statistics also shows that the rich are getting richer with Mercedes-Maybach S-Class’ charting new sales record with over 500 units delivered each month since the beginning of the year. As for the S-Class, more than 58,000 units were sold.

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