Subaru XV e-Boxer unveiled for Japan, 2.0L hybrid for better refinement

Subaru has just added a hybrid variant to its popular Subaru XV crossover. The electrified XV variant comes equipped with the e-Boxer hybrid powertrain that pairs the original 2.0-litre direct injection boxer engine to an electric motor to give it a smoother power delivery and improved fuel efficiency.

The e-Boxer powertrain features a reworked 2.0-litre boxer engine with a higher compression ratio of 13.5:1 as opposed to 13:1 on the standard XV. Curiously this has resulted in a lower engine output of 145 hp and 188 Nm (154 hp/196 Nm on standard XV). However the power deficit is made up by the electric motor gives the XV e-Boxer additional 13.6 hp and 65 Nm of boost, allowing the crossover to return 19.2 km/L on the Japanese JC08 test cycle, 3.2 km more than an equivalent petrol only 2.0-litre XV.

Subaru has maintained the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for the XV e-Boxer, however, the additional components from the hybrid system add 110 kg to the car’s weight which now sits at 1,825 kg. The fuel tank has also shrunk from 63 litres to 48 litres to accommodate the hybrid system.

There are some unique touches specific to the hybrid-powered XV such as the Lagoon Blue Pearl paint job, blue interior theme (with blue stitching), hybrid multi-info displays as well as full leather seats. Other than that, you will find the same exact kit as you would on a high-specification petrol-powered XV.

The main selling point for the Subaru XV e-Boxer is to offer drivers a more comfortable driving experience through its linear acceleration, improved performance and refinement on everyday driving.



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