Volvo’s 360c Concept is here to challenge the airline industry

Volvo has just unveiled its new fully autonomous concept car, the Volvo 360c Concept. But get this, the 360c’s main rival is not cars, its aeroplanes.

The 360c is a fully autonomous and fully electric vehicle that requires zeros human intervention to go from point A to point B. With the absence of a steering wheel and combustion engine, designers were able to reimagine the cabin space to created different spaces for different purposes.

Think mobile office, sleeping environment, meeting space and even a party table, the 360c is able to cater to all the above and more. Volvo imagines the 360c to be an alternative to domestic short-haul flights, whereby consumers can hop into the car and do whatever they want throughout the journey, saving time and costs needed to go through airport security and lead times.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Volvo Cars, Mårten Levenstam said: “Domestic air travel sounds great when you buy your ticket, but it really isn’t. The 360c represents what could be a whole new take on the industry. The sleeping cabin allows you to enjoy premium comfort and peaceful travel through the night and wake up refreshed at your destination. It could enable us to compete with the world’s leading aircraft makers.”

Beyond autonomous travel, Volvo also hopes that the 360c can pave the way for a global standard in how autonomous vehicles can safely communicate with all other road users. This innovative concept also opens up the discussion for the future of travel, city planning and modern society’s environmental footprint.



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