After an epic 16,000-kilometer drive, polar explorer Marek Kaminski has arrived in Japan, having started his expedition from Poland three months earlier in Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle, the new Nissan LEAF, which will be coming to Malaysia soon.

Kaminski’s “eco-friendly trip” took him from Zakopane, Poland through eight countries over two continents and challenging road conditions, passing through Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and South Korea on his way to the finishing point in Tokyo.

The #NoTraceExpedition demonstrates the feasibility of travelling in a zero-emissions vehicle, and sets the example for explorers wanting to visit the world’s furthest corners without damaging the environment.

Unfazed by the first 16,000 kilometers, Kaminski will now get back behind the wheel and complete the return journey from Tokyo to Poland in the same car.

“For me, this journey is not just about reaching my destination – it is also about making a simple, brilliant change to be more sustainable,” said Kaminski. “Whether in the wilds of Russia, on remote Mongolian dirt tracks or in the bustling streets of Tokyo, the LEAF has been a reliable partner throughout.


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