Volvo recently announced that the latest Polestar tuning package for Volvo vehicles equipped with all-wheel-drive (AWD) and owners in Malaysia can rejoice as Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has confirmed that the Polestar AWD optimisation software will be available in Malaysia soon.

The software update is available for all petrol and diesel variants of the Volvo 90 series, 60 series and XC40 that are equipped with AWD. The software tweaks the AWD system to feature a rear-biased torque split, allowing the car to have sharper turn-ins, better control and engagement in a corner as well as improved traction when pulling away.

A more dynamic S90 & V90 T6 R-Design with the optimisation software

To engage the optimisation software, drivers will have to put the car into Dynamic drive mode or have Electronic Stability Control disabled. This software is not available for plug-in hybrid models as the T6 Twin Engine and T8 Twin Engine already features a rear-biased AWD.

VCM did not confirm the availability and pricing details of the Polestar AWD optimisation as the software was only introduced recently.