While Volkswagen celebrated its new record for electric vehicles on the legendary Hill Climb with the I.D. R Race car, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) claimed the supercar record with the Mono on the 1.86 km course.

With multiple Goodwood Champion, Anthony Reid, behind the wheel, the BAC Mono conquered the famous Hill Climb run in just 49.13 seconds – claiming the podium by more than a second and beating the previous supercar record by 0.14 seconds.

The previous record was set by a Nissan GTR with a time of 49.27 seconds back in 2014. The BAC Mono even managed to edge ahead of the Porsche GT2 RS (50.38 seconds), Ford GT (51.63 seconds) and the Aston Martin Vulcan (51.66 seconds).

It’s the second consecutive year that BAC has topped the Goodwood FOS leaderboards, having led the Race Cars for the Road category in 2017 with a time of 49.54 seconds.

“I know the Hillclimb very, very well but it’s always different and remains a challenging drive – there are lots of undulations and always so much to think about – but Mono is so accessible and agile,” said Anthony Reid.


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Pan Eu Jin
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