The McLaren F1’s successor will be called the McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Automotive has just confirmed that it’s the McLaren’s F1 spiritual successor, project BP23 will be called the McLaren Speedtail. The new Hyper-GT will make its public debut before the end of 2018.

The sold-out Speedtail replicates the ethos of the legendary McLaren F1, to be the greatest GT car to go down in history. With a centre driving position and two seats on either side, top speed in excess of 243mph (391 km/h), the Speedtail will be the fastest (in a straight line) and most luxurious vehicle to roll out of McLaren.

Unlike the track-oriented Senna, the Speedtail will spot a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain like the P1. Although we can expect the ultimate road-going McLaren will have over 900 hp at its disposal in order to achieve its acceleration and top speed claims.

The 106 lucky customers who have placed their deposits will be invited for a private preview of their upcoming car. Production is expected to begin end 2019 with McLaren Special Operations (MSO) working overtime to tailor-made every Speedtail to the owners individual liking.


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