PDRM receives 15 Mitsubishi Outlanders for use as Expressway Mobile Patrol Vehicle

It’s a far cry from the 25 units of Mitsubishi Evolution X they acquired just over a decade ago, but our esteemed police force will now have 15 units of the sturdy and robust 2.4-litre Mitsubishi Outlander contributed by PLUS Highway.

These vehicles were contributed to PDRM to be used as Expressway Mobile Patrol Vehicle (EMPV). Carrying on with the “Helang” theme of the Evo X’s, the fleet will be know as the ‘Police Highway Eagle.

“Safety is the Mitsubishi Outlander’s strongest suit; befitting its role as a family vehicle. We are delighted to know that besides being one of the safest vehicles on the road, the Outlander is meeting PDRM’s every requirement to assist them with the enforcement of traffic laws on the highway,” said Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, Chief Executive Officer, Tomoyuki Shinnishi who was present to witness the handover ceremony.

“With many years of  experience in winning the grueling Dakar Rally under its belt, Mitsubishi is also a specialist in rugged 4WD vehicles. So with the Outlander’s safety functions, power and stability, we are confident that the Outlander will do its part in assisting our policemen to eradicate traffic offences and eventually lower the risk of road accidents.”

PDRM also acquired eight Mitsubishi vehicles consisting of the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4-litre and Mitsubishi ASX Compact SUV contributed by ANIH Berhad. The contribution made by these two highway concessions were valued at an estimated RM3 million.

The Mitsubishi Outlander recently received the “Family SUV of Malaysia” award at the 2018 Cars of Malaysia awards.


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