Here are the winners of the Cars of Malaysia 2018!

After meticulously scrutinising every vehicle available in Malaysia, the vehicles nominated for the Cars of Malaysia award were recognised and celebrated last Friday for their merits, in the presence of other motoring media and representatives from their respective brands.

The biggest winner of the night was none other than Mercedes-Benz; walking home with no less than 15 awards with their vast inventory scattered across various vehicle categories. The rest of the esteemed award winners can be viewed here.

The Kia Picanto launched earlier this year was the surprised winner in its “City Cars of Malaysia” category – beating the likes of Proton Saga and even the Perodua Bezza to the top of the podium.

The Cars of Malaysia awards is a collaborative effort between Evo Malaysia, Roda Pusing and yours truly, – where each of us have adopted a common scoring mechanism and aggregated our scores – to rank the top three cars from each of the 35 categories, used to segmentise all the cars on sale in Malaysia.

From left: Bobby Ang of Evo Malaysia, Hisham Jahudi of Roda Pusing and GC Mah of

The main objective of the Cars of Malaysia awards is to provide an all-inclusive buying guide through an equally comprehensive scoring system that covers four keys factors – pricing, performance, quality and safety – consumers would consider before they purchase a new vehicle.

Narrowing down the spectrum, various attributes are also considered under each of the key factors mentioned above. For example, under the Performance factor, we judged on the power delivery, ride comfort and also handling of a particular vehicle.

To ensure the credibility of the judging and scoring process, the scores from each individual publication is available online and is open to public viewing and analysis, in the hopes of offering different perspectives for buyers to better evaluate their options.

Last and most exciting of all, to top off the Cars of Malaysia initiative, all three publications will be touring the entire Peninsula Malaysia with stops in every major city along with the convoy of nominated vehicles.

Not only would this “grand tour” present the opportunity to all of our followers and audiences to get up close with the acclaimed vehicles but also with the opportunity to engage, interact and exchange opinions with us and the team from Evo Malaysia and Roda Pusing, to further aid the new car buying process.



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